List of Ecobank Sort Code and Branches in Nigeria

List of Ecobank Sort Code and Branches in Nigeria

List of Ecobank Sort Code and Branches in Nigeria

Ecobank Sort Code – The article you’re about to read will unmask the Ecobank Nigeria sort codes and their branches in Nigeria.

These codes usually identifies an account and its domiciled branch, which as well aids money transfer in case you wish to move your money from one account to another Ecobank account.

You will have to walk carefully through the table and pick whichever of the listed codes appeals to your situation, happy reading.

The below table contains the lists of all your Ecobank sort code and braches domiciled in.

1050010053Eng uyo Wellington Bassey street
2050010299ENG Eket QIT
3050010338ENG Uyo Oron branch
4050010639ENG Uyo Barracks Rd
5050010914ENG Oron branch
6050020069Eng Awka opposite Govt House
7050020072ENG Onitsha Ogbo efere branch
8050020085ENG Onitsha Williams Street
9050020108ENG Nnewi Edo ezemewi road 2
10050020111ENG Onitsha Bridge Head
11050020182ENG Onitsha New market road
12050020580ENG Onitsha Old market road
13050020878ENG Nkpor Market Road
14050020881ENG Nnewi Edo ezemewi Road
15050020904ENG Onitsha Fegge
16050030017ENG Bauchi Murtala Mohammed way
17050050864ENG Markurdi Gboko Road
18050060029ENG Maiduguri Ahmadu Bello Way
19050060854ENG Maiduguri Kashim Ibrahim
20050070022Calabar Tinapa Branch
21050070051Calabar Obudu Branch
22050070064Calabar Igoli Ogoja
23050070077Calabar Ikom Branch
24050070802Calabar Mary Slessor Avenue
25050071018Calabar Murtala Muhammed Highway
26050080083Abuja National Assembly
27050080096Abuja Ecowas
28050080106Abuja Garki 3
29050080119Abuja Maina Court
30050080135Abuja Deidei
31050080148Abuja Asokoro
32050080151Abuja OAGF Branch
33050080216Abuja Wuse 2
34050080355Abuja Le Meridien Hotel
35050080368Abuja Zone 4
36050080371Abuja Garki 2
37050080449Abuja Gwagwalada
38050080562Abuja Nyanya
39050090057Warri Eku House branch
40050090060Asaba Nnebisi Road
41050090662Warri Deco Road
42050090730Delta state University Abraka
43050090772Delta street complex, Aladja
44050090785Asaba Anwai Dual Carriage
45050090963Amukpe, Sapele
46050090992Warri, Enerhen
47050100031Douglass Road Owerri, Imo state
48050100044OKIGWE Road, Owerri
49050100099Govt Station Layout, Umuahia
50050100921Owerri main branch
51050110018Ahmadu Bello Road, Kaduna
52050110047Ahmadu Bello way 2, Kaduna
53050110513Junction Road, Kaduna
54050120011Bello Road, Kano
55050120037France Road 2, Kano
56050120529France Road 2, Kano
57050150010Head Office
58050150081Point Road, Lagos
59050150117Ajose Adeogun, VI Lagos
60050150120Allen Avenue, Ikeja
61050150133Broad Street, Lagos
62050150146Surulere, Lagos
63050150159Wharf Road, Apapa Lagos
64050150162Isheri branch, Lagos
65050150175Gbagada, Lagos
66050150188Ogba Branch, Ikeja Lagos
67050150191Herbert Macaulay branch, Sabo Yaba Lagos
68050150227Ojuelegba, Lagos
69050150230Okearin, Lagos
70050150243Daleko, Lagos
71050150256Awolowo Road, Ikoyi Lagos
72050150269Enu Owa, Idumota, Lagos
73050150272Agudosi, Alaba Lagos
7474050150311Ahmadu Bello Way
75050150340VI Ligali Ayorinde
76050150340Cheveron, Lagos
77050150353Seme Boarder Lagos
78050150366Airport Road Lagos
79050150379Ikota Branch Lagos
80050150379Eleganza Lagos
81050150382Ojo Igbeda, Alaba Lagos
82050150395Warehouse Road Apap Lagos
83050150405Ogudu Branch
84050150423Creek Road Apapa
85050150434Oyingbo Branch Lagos
86050150450Broad Street 2, Lagos
87050150476Idi Oro, Mushin Lagos
88050150476Nnamdi Azikiwe, Idumota Lagos
89050150489Adeniyi Jones, Lagos
90050150492Coker Branch, Lagos
91050150502Oba Akran, Ikeja
92050150515Ladipo, Lagos
93050150528Adeola Adeku
94050150531Ashogbon Street, Idumota Lagos
95050150542Ladipo Street, Matori Lagos
96050150557Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos
97050150573Olodi Apapa
98050150586Idumagbo, Lagos
99050150599BBA Branch Lagos
100050150609Ikorodu Road Branch, Lagos
101050150612Festac Lagos
102050150625Oke Afa Isolo, Lagos
103050150638Okota, Isolo
104050150641Akin Adesola, VI
105050150654Oyin Jaleyemi, VI
106050150764St. Patricks Junction Alaba
107050150971International Trade fare Complex, Lagos
108050151006Orile, Lagos
109050151048GRA, Ikeja
110050151051Oba Akran
111050151064Ire Akari, Isolo
112050151077Mazamaza, Lagos
113050151226St. Patrick
114050170032Ita Eko Road, Abeokuta
115050170045Agbara Ogun
117050181034Owo Road, Akure
118050190038Iwo Road Branch Ibadan
119050190041Agodi Branch Ibadan
120050190300New Court Road Ibadan
121050190452Lebanon Street
122050200025Ahmadu Bello way 2, Jos
123050200504Ahmadu Bello way, Jos
124050210163King Jaja Hospital Road, Bonny
125050210170Oyigbo Branch, Port Harcourt
126050210183Ikwere 2, Port Harcourt
127050210196Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt
128050210204Oyingbo Branch 2, Port Harcourt
129050210206Fleet House, Port Harcourt
130050210280Mission Road 1, Bonny
131050210426Mission Road 2, Bonny
132050210497Ikwere Road Port Harcourt
133050210594Mile 3, Port Harcourt
134050210604Okporo Road, Port Harcourt
135050210617Mothercat Branch, Port Harcourt
136050210620RSUT Complex, Port Harcourt
137050210756Abua Road, Ahoada, Port Harcourt
138050210824Petrochemical Complex, Eleme, Port Harcourt
139050210895Omoku Omoku
140050210934PRPC Port Harcourt
141050210947Uniport, Port Harcourt
142050210950Asei World Centre
143050220089Kano Road Branch, Sokoto
144050230082Osisioma Branch Aba
145050230176Factory Road, Aba
146050230684Faulks Road, Aba
147050230697Old GRA Aba
148050230707Ekeoha, Aba
149050230710Ngwa Road, Aba
150050230985Umuahia main
151050240118Akpakpava 2, Benin
152050240205Effurun, Warri
153050240409New Lagos Road, Benin
154050240409Akpakpava Road, Benin
155050240412Uselu Lagos Road, Benin
156050240797Polytechnic Road, Auchi
157050240810Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma
158050240836Okpara Avenue, Enugu
159050250020Okpara Avenue 2, Enugu
160050250033Kenyatta Uwani, Enugu
161050270013Ahmadu Bello Way, Kebbi
162050310672Mbiama Road Branch, Yenagoa
163050320031Mbiama Road Branch 2, Yenagoa
164050330021Ogoja Road, Abakaliki
165050330720Okpara Street, Abakaliki
166050340040Ado Ekiti
167050350014Market Road Branch, Gombe
168050110102KRPC, Kaduna
169050240098WRPC, Warri

FAQ on Ecobank Sort Codes

Ecobank Sort Codes for Lagos branches

Lagos appears to have the highest number of branches, check out the below table for Lagos branches

1050150010Head Office
2050150081Point Road, Lagos
3050150117Ajose Adeogun, VI Lagos
4050150120Allen Avenue, Ikeja
5050150133Broad Street, Lagos
6050150146Surulere, Lagos
7050150159Wharf Road, Apapa Lagos
8050150162Isheri branch, Lagos
9050150175Gbagada, Lagos
10050150188Ogba Branch, Ikeja Lagos
11050150191Herbert Macaulay branch, Sabo Yaba Lagos
12050150227Ojuelegba, Lagos
13050150230Okearin, Lagos
14050150243Daleko, Lagos
15050150256Awolowo Road, Ikoyi Lagos
16050150269Enu Owa, Idumota, Lagos
17050150272Agudosi, Alaba Lagos
1874050150311Ahmadu Bello Way
19050150340VI Ligali Ayorinde
20050150340Cheveron, Lagos
21050150353Seme Boarder Lagos
22050150366Airport Road Lagos
23050150379Ikota Branch Lagos
24050150379Eleganza Lagos
25050150382Ojo Igbeda, Alaba Lagos
26050150395Warehouse Road Apap Lagos
27050150405Ogudu Branch
28050150423Creek Road Apapa
29050150434Oyingbo Branch Lagos
30050150450Broad Street 2, Lagos
31050150476Idi Oro, Mushin Lagos
32050150476Nnamdi Azikiwe, Idumota Lagos
33050150489Adeniyi Jones, Lagos
34050150492Coker Branch, Lagos
35050150502Oba Akran, Ikeja
36050150515Ladipo, Lagos
37050150528Adeola Adeku
38050150531Ashogbon Street, Idumota Lagos
39050150542Ladipo Street, Matori Lagos
40050150557Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos
41050150573Olodi Apapa
42050150586Idumagbo, Lagos

Ecobank Sort Code Benin/Edo Branches

1050240118Akpakpava 2, Benin
2050240409New Lagos Road, Benin
3050240409Akpakpava Road, Benin
4050240412Uselu Lagos Road, Benin
5050240797Polytechnic Road, Auchi
6050240810Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma

Ecobank Sort Code Kaduna State

1050110018Ahmadu Bello Road, Kaduna
2050110047Ahmadu Bello way 2, Kaduna
3050110513Junction Road, Kaduna
4050110102KRPC, Kaduna

Ecobank Sort Code Delta/Asaba State

1050090057Warri Eku House branch
2050090060Asaba Nnebisi Road
3050090662Warri Deco Road
4050090730Delta state University Abraka
5050090772Delta street complex, Aladja
6050090785Asaba Anwai Dual Carriage
7050090963Amukpe, Sapele
8050090992Warri, Enerhen


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Ecobank Sort Code is readily available for your money transfer 24/7.

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