Best money making skills to boost your finance in 2019

Best money making skills to boost your finance in 2019

Best money making skills to boost your finance in 2019

Best money making skills – If that certificate isn’t paying your bills, drop it and learn these five money making skills I’m about to reveal to you in this post.

Have you been searching for job without success, have you tried your hands on fast money making schemes in the past, are you almost giving up for not making any impact having graduated from the university, if your answer for any of the above questions is in the affirmative, then this post is for you, read carefully and devour every word as if this is your last opportunity.

If you are looking for fast money avenue, HYIP, Ponzi scheme of some kind or whatever means to make fast money overnight, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Kindly hit the back button on your device as this post will categorically not appeal to you.

Note: The best money making skills I’m about to reveal to you are strictly online, consider the fact that you spend a lot on browsing data, uploading photos and chatting on social media which apparently does not put money into your pocket.

Aren’t you tired of wasting your money for nothing, it’s high time you start making money with your time and resources put together, not as if it’s an easy adventure you’re about to embark on, but with time, courage, resilience, hard-work and consistency you will surely crack the code.

If I can do it, you surely can. I have not promised that you’re going to make millions overnight, but you will surely make enough money to cushion your bills, that I know for sure.

If you by any means think, I will be selling an e-book by implication, sorry I’m most pleased to disappoint you, so calm down and learn what really works and stop chasing pipe dreams.

Without wasting further time, let’s spill it all over.

Best money making skills for every Nigerian Youth in 2019

#1 ) Freelancing: Freelancing or freelancer is a term used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer like the rat race kind of job.

This is the process of rendering services online ranging from:

  • Writing blog contents
  • Ghost writing
  • Web and graphic designs
  • Editing
  • Software development etc

Depending on the skill that interests you, majority will prefer writing job, however you will need to be very good in writing to fit in to this category. You could be contacted to write for blogs being that most webmasters are always too busy to write their blog contents.

You will get hired as well be paid, but you will need to prove that you’re good and suitable for it. I will advise you should learn basic on page search engine optimization strategies (SEO). This will give you an edge over competitors. Your ability to write search engine optimized contents is a huge plus.

Ghost writing is not far from blog contents, just that it might not be published on a blog, it could be for magazines and journals, not excluding blogs. The only difference is that your contract with the contractor ends the moment you deliver the job. It will be published without credit of any kind given to you or being mentioned as the writer.

If you have flare for technology and graphics, web and graphic design could be your ice point, people, big brands and organizations will contact you for a gig, your ability to show a social prove will land you jobs in freelancing.

If reading and editing is your thing, publishers will collapse on you for editing job. To measure in this category, you must be good in English, ability to identify wrong use of words and grammatical errors is your best and strongest point. These are best money making skillsyou should equip yourself with.

How to get hired for freelance services

To get hired for any of the above services, you may have to register with freelancing websites, a number of them have been very helpful as they accept and pay Nigerians, kindly check and sign up with

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Indeed
  • Guru
  • Iwriter
  • Toptal
  • DesignCrowd
  • 99Designs
  • Contently
  • Yokebay
  • Gigs Nigeria
  • Justfrom5k
  • SourceGig
  • Asuqu

Millions of people in need of freelance services come to these websites in search of who can render such services on daily basis.

Note: You will neither get a gig nor make money easily with any of the aforementioned websites without a convincing Social Prove.

A social proof shows details and possibly links to your previous jobs. Assuming you fall in the category of those who are in need of freelancers, you will not like to hire an amateur or inexperienced persons who you believed will render poor services, you will go for the best, so are they.

I will teach you how to build a formidable social proof that will land you high paying jobs as a freelancer, this is the ultimate key for your success.

How to build a formidable social proof for the best money making skills

To build a social proof, you will have to capitalize on guest posting. Guest posting is the practice whereby contents written by you are published in authority websites or blogs. To get your post published on these kind of websites shows the content is very rich and educating, once you’re able the break this ice, I can comfortably assure you that you’ve cracked the code ultimately.

Pitch your contents to more authority blogs and websites, once you get published, remember you will be mentioned as the author, that’s what you need.

Now, getting your article published in authority blogs or websites is not an easy feet, but you will however keep working hard to achieve this feet.

How to get your article published in authority blogs or websites for your best money making skills

  • Visit the website or blog that accept guest post, read and note how their contents are being structured. Read, understand and stick by their rules for article submission.
  • Write your article to conform to their standard and tone, your article ideally should be over 1000 words at least
  • If the blog does not specify about accepting guest posts, pitch the website editor by searching for their email addresses on search engine using the blog/website name as prefix, you are most likely to land a deal and get published.
  • Pitch as much brands and blogs as you can, the many the easier, some will not respond, some will however give an affirmative node. If your mail is not replied, send reminder after three days, then one week, gradually you’ll get result.
  • If you get published, note the link and add same to your archive, gradually you will build a formidable social proof having being published on few blogs and websites.
  • Attach your social prove to your profile on any of the above freelancing websites you deemed necessary, this way, you will easily convince your clients to stick with you for a deal, as well pay your bargain without stress.

Isn’t that wonderful, you can use your social proof for any client, it works like magic.

#2 ) Blogging: This should sound so familiar, but comes with difference. Blogging is the practice of publishing information on the internet, usually targeting a section of audience called niche.

You are reading this web content because it’s been published on financengr a blog, that’s how it is.

Blogging can be very rewarding, if and only you do it the right way. I’ve heard people say blogging is dead, not profitable and all manner of derogatory statement, that’s their opinion anyway.

Blogging is very profitable and rewarding if you abide by the rules and implement workable strategy, if you choose to blog, kindly note the following

  • Be patient
  • Create quality and engaging contents
  • Be consistent
  • Associate with other bloggers
  • Device a monetization strategy.

There are so many niches that are still untapped in this industry, particularly in Nigeria. Here is a list of profitable blog niches you can write on in Nigeria

  • Personal Finance
  • Investment
  • Business startups
  • Make money online
  • Health
  • Fitness and wellness
  • Sports (football)
  • Tech
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Blogging
  • Food
  • Religion
  • Freelancing
  • SEO
  • Estate management

These are just few of the many niches you can venture into, establish yourself as an authority, the money will come looking for you, acquaint yourself with any of the abovemoney making skills and live a happy life.

How to make money blogging

You can make money blogging in the following ways

  • Using Google AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling ads space/banner ads
  • Selling your own product, to learn more about this, kindly read my article on blogging here, there you will learn the A-Z of blogging.

#3 ) Digital Marketing: This involves marketing efforts that has to do with the use of electronic device or internet, businesses take advantage of social media, search engines, emails and websites to connect with prospective buyers and customers in the 21st century, it therefore becomes a veritable tool for business promotion.

As an internet marketer you render services and make money in the following ways

  • You create blog posts and guest posts for clients, who are mostly businesses looking to be heard
  • You create links for ranking these businesses
  •  Use emails as well teach clients how to promote their business to customers via email marketing
  • You help clients to generate leads and make sales by creating sales pitch that resonates with their audience
  • You take advantage of social media to grow your clients business

Brands will be glad to pay you for these services

How to get clients as a digital marketer

  • Advertise your services on forums like, start a thread to educate business owners, companies and brands on why they should employ a digital marketer
  • Advertise on Social media groups
  • Pitch big brands and businesses with your service
  • Create a blog most importantly where you will outline your services as well publish engaging posts that will convince your would be clients to patronize you
  • Your social media pages should describe the services you can render
  • Join Quora and market your service by answering questions on digital marketing.
  • You may acquire detailed information and tutelage with Caroline Wabara HERE, she’s a digital marketer in Nigeria with difference.

#4 ) Information marketing: You ought to have come across this, but I will be revealing to you more detailed information on this topic than you’d ever known.

Information marketing is one of the best money making skillsthat shouldn’t elude you in 2019, it has the potency to make your dreams come true if and only you will do it the right way.

A lot of internet marketers have made so much money from this particular business in Nigeria, the opportunity is still very much alive.

What exactly is this information marketing? Like the name applies, this is the practice where you package information, your knowledge which people have great needs for, in an e-book, audio, Video and sell these information to people who are in need of them.

Example: Say you know how to reduce belly fat naturally faster, being a health issue, men and women are in dying need of this type of information and I bet you it will sell like wild fire.

Why not write a detailed information about this and package it in an e-book, audio or video format, then sell it online or offline. I will recommend online because of the potency of reaching greater number of buyers within a shortest period if you take advantage of online advertising and highly optimized blog contents.

As a general rule of thumb, it pays to have a blog where you establish yourself as an expert and create a link with your audience who will only buy your book on trust that you will really dish information worth paying for.

Additionally, use paid advertising to sale e-book and reach wider audience. You may not make money in this business if you’re determined not to spend a dime, make sure your information is hardly found elsewhere, you will thank me later. Do your findings and get an information marketing e-book to get yourself acquainted with further details.

#5 ) Niche affiliate marketing:Affiliate marketing is an arrangement whereby you sell another person’s product by referring buyers to a certain link/blog or website, having completed a sale via your affiliate link, you will earn a commission for such sales.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best money making skills I think you should consider, selling products online is very easy, provided you are able to identify users.

Niche affiliate marketing is trending and rewarding in the sense that you base on certain products that conforms to certain niches.

Health niche still sells like wild fire if I should tip you off.

You may however consider any of the below niches for affiliate marketing and possible products to promote

  • Blogging tips: You could promote Web hosting packages, WordPress themes and e-books
  • Website design: Promote Web hosting packages, web design software
  • Small business ideas: e- courses on small businesses, WordPress themes
  • Make money online: Web hosting packages, WordPress themes and plugins etc

You will have to create a blog around the products you wish to sell, then drive traffic to your blog and watch this magic unfolds itself.

One affiliate marketing I will recommend in earnest is Amazon affiliate marketing. It’s an arrangement which allows you to make money continuously on Amazon by recommending and selling any of its products that may appeal to your audience.

With a good strategy, you could make $500 monthly with this platform, isn’t that pretty Ok.

Are you interested in Amazon affiliate marketing, Click Hereto read this article, it’s a master guide I’m showing you free of charge.


The aforementioned are few of the best money making skillsyou should help yourself with in 2019, the ball is in your court, to either remain in your broke state so glued to your certificate without a job, or turn your life around with this opportunity. At this point and now, my ink has been exhausted, it’s your turn to talk to me now.

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