What you need to know about states in Nigeria

What you need to know about states in Nigeria

What you need to know about states in Nigeria

States in Nigeria – Nigeria is a country located in West Africa, and about the most populous black nation with a population estimated to about 200 million people.

Nigeria came into being in 1914 through the aid of Lord Frederick Lugard who became the governor of the Northern and Southern protectorate, after signing a document consolidating the two regions. The name Nigeria was however coined by Lady Lugard.

In 1960, Nigeria became independent from the hands of the Colonial masters. And the country was handed over to Nnamdi Azikiwe, who was the governor general of the region.

However, Sir, Tafawa Balewa was elected as Prime Minister of Nigeria in 1960, he was however killed six years after.

Brief history of state creation in Nigeria

In 1963, four regions existed in Nigeria namely;

  • The Northern Region
  • Western Region
  • Mid-Western Region and
  • The Eastern Region

Now here are the lists of states in Nigeria, capital date of creation and slogan

StateCapitalDate createdSlogan
AbiaUmuahia27 Aug, 1991God’s own state
AdamawaYola27 Aug, 1991Land of beauty
Akwa IbomUyo23 Sept  1987Land of Promise
AnambraAwka27 Aug  1991Light of the nation
BauchiBauchi3rd Feb 1976Peal of Tourism
BayelsaYenagoa1st Oct 1996Pride of the nation
BenueMakurdi3rd Feb 1976Food basket of the nation
BornoMaiduguri3rdFeb  1796Home of peace
Cross RiverCalabar27thMay 1967The people’s paradise
DeltaAsaba27thAug 1991The Big heart
EbonyiAbakaliki1st Oct 1996Salt of the nation
EdoBenin City27thAug 1991Heartbeat of the nation
EkitiAdo Ekiti1st Oct 1996Fountain of Knowledge
EnuguEnugu27thAug 1991Coal city state
GombeGombe1st Oct 1996Jewel in the Savannah
ImoOwerri3rd Feb 1976Eastern Heartland/Home of the easterner
JigawaDutse27thAug 1991The new world
KadunaKaduna27thMay 1967Center of learning
KanoKano27thMay 1967Center of Commerce
KatsinaKatsina23rdSept 1987Home of hospitality
KebbiBirnin Kebbi27thAug 1991Land of Equity
KogiLokoja27thAug 1991The confluence state
KwaraIlorin27thMay 1967The state of harmony
LagosIkeja27thMay 1967Center of excellence
NassarawaLafia10thOct 1976Home of solid minerals
NigerMinna3rd Feb 1976The power state
OgunAbeokuta3rd Feb 1976Gateway state
OndoAkure3rd Feb 1976The power state
OsunOshomgbo27thAug 1991State of the living spring
OyoIbadan3rd Feb 1976Peace setters
PlateauJos3rd Feb 1976Home of peace and tourism
RiversPort-Harcourt27thMay 1976Treasure base of the nation
SokotoSokoto3rd Feb 1976Seat of the Caliphate
TarabaJalingo27thAug 1991Nature’s gift to the nation
YobeDamaturu27thAug 1991The young shall grow
ZamfaraGusau1st Oct 1996Farming is our pride
FCTAbuja3rd Feb 1976Center of unity

FAQ on states in Nigeria

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#1. Who created 19 states in Nigeria: In 1967, General Yakubu Gowon came into power through a military coup, he created 12 states. This was done by dissolution of three major regions in the country.

The states formed include; North Western state, North Eastern state, Kano state, North Central state, Benue-Plateau state, Kwara state, Western state, Lagos state, Mid-Western state, Rivers state, East Central state and East Central state.

#2. How many states are there in Nigera: Nigeria has 36 states, however 37 including Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

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