Pig farming in Nigeria- How to raise Pigs and make money in simple steps

Pig farming in Nigeria- How to raise Pigs and make money in simple steps

Pig farming in Nigeria- How to raise Pigs and make money in simple steps

Pig farming in Nigeria is becoming a fast means of livelihood for a very few who have chosen this path, however, it still hasn’t been utilized to its maximum potential.

Agriculture is undoubtedly the way to go in a turbulent economy as that of Nigeria today, while a good number of graduates are roaming the streets in search of non-existing jobs, being under employed, very few had taken to agriculture to better their lives and ensure a solid future.

In view of this, I quickly want to draw your attention to the opportunity that abounds in Pig farming in Nigeria, If you wish to go into this business without knowing how to start or go about it, kindly stick to this guide and read to the very end.

Is there market for this business in Nigeria?

Need not tell you what I assume you already know, according to rough estimate, Nigeria’s population has hit about 200 million people in recent years and that alone is enough market for any business you could think of in this country.

More so, Nigeria is made up of six geo political zones, except the Muslims who are densely populated in the North East and North West and forbid pork for religious reasons, other four geo political zones have a warm embrace for pork consumption.

Having considered this, Nigeria remains a thriving and promising market for anyone who wishes to take to Pig farming in Nigeria.

Health benefits of Pork

In case you are not aware, Pig meat is referred to as “Pork”, on lingering health concerns about consumption of red meat, Pork does represent a good alternative that offers many health benefits, standing in as “White meat.”

  • Good source of protein:Protein is undeniably essential in human diet, pork provides plenty of protein without much fat as red meat.
  • Vitamins: Pork is particularly rich in vitamin B which helps the brain ward off depression and anxiety.
  • Minerals: Pork is also rich in a number of minerals like, Zinc, phosphorus and selenium. The combination of the mentioned three minerals, help promote the growth of new cells in the body, boost the immune system, strengthen teeth and bones as well protect the walls of blood vessels.


To achieve best result in livestock, you should pay optimal attention to the food your pigs feed on, Pigs usually feed on crumbs, watery materials etc. A cooked or raw yam peel is likewise ideal. Kitchen waste etc

You can as well feed them with crop produce like cereals (maize, soya, millet, Guinea corn etc) this is more nutritious and affordable.

Also in list of foods for Pigs are:

  • Palm Kernel Cake
  • Cassava peels
  • Brewery waste contributes a lot, you can source this using tipper.
  • They feed on noodles waste

You may decide to buy already processed feed from vendors, this will however depend on your budget and the type of farming adopted.

Do also understand that new born Piglets (baby pig) needs mother’s milk very rich in Colostrum. They are expected to stop taking their mother’s breast after 2 months, at this point, they are introduced to solid foods. Two months later they are introduced to Pig Mash, then till maturity.

Gestation period

This is the period of pregnancy, a baby pig grows into an adult in 5 months, after which mating is expected to take place and the sow becomes pregnant.

The gestation period is about 114 to 115 days i.e the period she is expected to carry the pregnancy. The sow gives birth to its young twice in a year.

She normally gives birth from the upward of 10 to 18 young piglets, which they are expected to feed on the parents (Mother’s milk) after birth.

Pig Breeds

It is very important to have high quality pigs in your farm, this will determine the young and what you stand to make in the business over time.

Popular breeds in Nigeria are; the white, brown and black colored Pigs, there are however the foreign breeds which consist of; Hampshire, Berkshire, The American Yokshire, Duroc and their likes.

Findings shows that hybrid Pigs grow quicker and faster, even much healthier than the rest.

Here are signs of good Piglets for your farm;

  • Good temperament, not aggressive
  • Glossy coat
  • They show tendency for good appetite
  • Their eyes are bright
  • Also do yourself a favor and buy from trusted sources.

How to get Pig breeds for your farm

Getting Pig breeds for your farm is not a difficult task, you may decide to check farms in your neighborhood, better still source elsewhere.

If you are conversant with Northern Nigeria, I will advise you check Plateau state in middle belt, there are so many traders who visit the likes of Namu, Doemark, Yelwa, Shendam, Bukuru and the rest of the places for viable Pig breeds.

If you however want less stress, contact Jovana farms on08033262808, 08029373076for your piglets. Google them out as well before spending your money. Email:jovanafarms@gmail.com

One boar (male pig) can take care of 8 gilt if she hasn’t had piglets or sow if she has piglets that’s to say a female Pig.



It is necessary to consider housing before you think of stocking your farm anyways, you should first of all think of getting a land. I will advise you to get a land in the village which supposedly should be cheaper.

You can as well use your family land, create a dwarf fence, partition the house with blocks, you may floor the base with cement and sands roughly, the roof is preferred open, with closed ends in case the pigs want a different weather.

Ideally visit any farm within your location to catch a shot.

Read my next article on Ideal Pig Pen size and requirements.


You will need to keep the pen neat at all times, for the general wellbeing of the pigs. A neat environment promotes a healthy being, if you are conscious of the environment, your Pigs will be hardly be infected, and you know what, they will reproduce timely and healthy offspring.

The droppings are good source of organic manure, you can as well sell them, they are in high demands by farmers, you can as well use them for your crops, try this and see how good crops will turn out.

It’s a win situation with Pig farming in Nigeria.


Having noticed symptoms of any kind on the Pigs, tiredness, not feeding well, kindly contact your veterinary doctor for proper treatments.

For Vitamins and Mineral deficiency, kindly put mineral block in the pen, they will eat it and will compensate for whatever deficiency they have in minerals and vitamins.

There are medications you need to administer to your Pigs normally, Iron supplements boosts their blood production at the Piglet stage. Consult an expert for the over-all wellbeing of your Pigs.

Wrapping up

Pig farming in Nigeria is a very lucrative enterprise, it’s a pity that Nigerians are not looking in this direction considering the opportunity that abounds. Only a very few are taking this business serous, and you know what, they’ve been smiling to the bank without reservation, what are you waiting for, don’t just dull yourself. If you love this article kindly help share it please, thanks for your time and goodbye.

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